ViaOpta apps for the blind are ready for Cannes Lions and Lions Health

Mobile application and AR technology developer ARworks teamed up with Studio Binär to take the ViaOptaDaily and ViaOpta Nav mobile applications to the highly acclaimed Cannes Lions and Lions Health competitions.

The WHO estimates that worldwide 285million people are visually impaired of which 39million are completely blind. The ViaOpta global initiative demonstrates Novartis Pharmaceuticals’ commitment to vision health by providing practical support to visually impaired people to better understand and manage their condition.

The ViaOptaDaily personal multi-function application and the ViaOpta Nav personal navigation application projects were launched by Novartis in 2014. The first versions were released within the year for both iOS and Android operating systems. Since then extensive testing of the apps has been done by hundreds of users to elevate phase 2 of the development and support the release of even more innovative versions of the apps in 2015.


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